Who’s Who

Judy Moody, third-grader, avid collector, Tutor Tot, Saver of the Planet, and future doctor . . . but most of all, famous for her many moods. She’s a mood maniac. ROAR!
a.k.a. Stinkerbell, aka Stink McFink, Judy’s pesky little brother and the original geck (annoying person). He’s very good at math, likes to draw comics, and reads the S encyclopedia for fun. Oh, and he’s vertically challenged (short).
aka Kate. Former glee club member. Knows her vegetables. One-and-only mom.
aka Richard. Good at crossword puzzles, quiz shows, and garage sales. One-of-a-kind Dad. Old skool.
Hey, her name rhymes, too! Amy same-samey, important-looking, glasses-wearing, gum-chewing girl reporter. Always on the lookout for the big scoop.
aka Earl the Pearl. Judy’s paste-eating friend. Ever since they danced the Maypole together in kindergarten, Frank has not left Judy alone, but now they’re the best of friends and partners in cloning around.
One of Judy’s partners in crime, one of her peeps, and her best friend since forever. He’s a gene-ius, good at magic tricks, and owns a lizard named Houdini.
Judy’s sometimes friend and more-often enemy. Know-it-all Queen-Bee speller and constant hand-raiser. Has never once been to Antarctica.
aka Mr. Toad, world’s greatest third-grade teacher and a big fan of crayons. Beware of disrupting his class – he might send you to Antarctica!
Sick-awesome college student from Colonial College and Judy’s uber-rare tutor. Chloe can put anyone in a good math-i-tude!
The Moody family’s pet cat. Has a taste for smushed bananas, hairy prunes, and laundry piles. Has a talent for making toast and making nice with guinea pigs.
Stink’s pet toad, and the mascot of the T. P. Club. Don’t pick him up, unless you’d like to be a member!